No Mind People

An Ode to Nothing

Dear you,

I LOST MY MIND! There there! No one can accuse me of hiding it. Yes its out there now. In the open skies and the open blues.

Never thought that I would be this way, and then reveal it in such a way. You know the way we say ‘Hello there !’ or ‘Its a good weather today.’

Like when in the cusp of a tea and a cigarette, someone naturally starts to expound the sermons of his life, The fruit of which was getting dry and Juicing it suddenly became more than just necessary.


Yes, now they too are saying it. Celebrating it, rejoicing it. Almost as if a chant within a chant, with no meaning of and by itself. Transmitting it further into the valley of set boundaries and set patterns, the valley where the others (?)live. Transmitting it from one to…

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